A little help?

Normally, I don't have trouble editing down photos from a shoot. But for this one, it's been tough. For this shoot, I was privileged to work with a talented team of actors to re-create the feeling of old posters from the Silent Film Era. We used several fresnel lights (Arri 300) to create the dramatic lighting. What a joy to experiment with lighting techniques as well as traditional poses during the process.

More to come soon!


I traveled a short distance to Downtown LA for a film-noir inspired portrait session for Bao Vo, an independent songwriter, producer, designer and all around creative guy. 

We had a wonderfully creative session, using a good mix of studio portraiture as well as interior shots from historical downtown LA building. I loved the dramatic lighting, the smoky effects. Bao was excellent at getting in character with a solemn and pensive demeanor.

This is exciting. Looking forward to showing you more soon!


Where exactly does the time go?

Somehow the days and months flew by, and now we are celebrating four years of marriage. I am so grateful to my loving, supportive and hard-working husband Brian. Our 5 month old son absolutely adores him and stops whatever he is doing to smile at his Dad when he gets home.

I was going through my photo archives this week. I stumbled across these gems, taken in the wilderness near my parent's house, two days before our wedding:


Thanks for being a total weirdo with me sometimes. Looking forward to growing old with you, mister. ♥︎

Thanks for all the 📷, Bao Vo Creative !





📷 : Shannon Cronin

My name is Melissa Phelan. I was born and raised in a quiet, woodsy town in Western Massachusetts. I grew up exploring the wilderness, and later, used a camera to document adventures. Nearly a decade ago, I moved to Los Angeles to study graphic design and photography. Currently, I live in Pasadena with my husband and our baby boy. We love to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

Two years ago, I started a process of carefully curating vintage photoshoots based on various time periods. I have continued, collaborating with talented hair/makeup artists and clothing boutiques, doing heavy research on style, poses, location, cultural norms. We even play era-appropriate music and serve food from the time period that is being emulated. These things are small details, but make all the difference in getting the right look.

I'm starting this blog  as a way to document my shoots and process. More importantly, I want to share my work with anyone who shares my passion for the things of "yesteryear" (no pun intended). Welcome all who want to discover a new nostalgia.  Enjoy!